Trending Red

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 07:00 to 10:00

Trending Red on RED 107.8  will be the perfect companion to the listener who is looking to start their morning on a positive note with information that will help them through the morning hours. The unique factor about this show is that Trending Red will be the only Morning Show currently to feature male and female Radio Personalities, namely Blessie & Delano.

The show will have the ideal balance of upbeat, familiar music including infotainment and benchmarks to keep the listener engaged and entertained from 7am-10am. One of the main features of the show that will make it stand out amongst other morning shows is that we will encourage live listener interactions via telephone and text messages.

Show content on Trending Red will feature a blend of entertaining local and international current events, fun facts, weird news, interactive promos and benchmarks as well as “Lankanisms” that listeners can relate to.

Trending Red will air from 7am to 10am weekday mornings.