Have These Celebrities Travelled Through Time?

Do you believe that people can travel through time or that doppelgängers exist? If you don’t, this article will definitely make you believe either or both.   Johnny Depp and English composer from the 1500’s, Thomas Tallis   Ellen DeGeneres and American poet, abolitionist and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau   Rupert Grint and Sir David Wilkie […]

How Well Do You Remember The Matrix?

Some people would without an argument agree that ‘The Matrix’ is without a doubt the best modern sci-fi movie. Take this quiz and check how well you remember this 90’s classic. Don’t forget to share your results with us. 🙂

Mathematician Refuses $1 mn Prize For Solving Hundred-Year-Old Math Problem

What would you do if you solved a theorem that has not been solved for 100 years? Yeah, forget about solving one, the first thing most of us would ask when we hear something like that is, “Is it even possible”? Yes, it is possible. Russian mathematician Grigory Perelman is a genius who solved a theorem that was […]

Can You Name These 90s Movies?

The 90s produced some of the greatest movies. We always say this but it’s not bad to repeat the truth. 😉 Take this quiz and check whether you can name these movies by taking a look at one picture.    

Forgotten Number 1 Hits of The 90s

If you are a true 90s fan, you definitely should remember the lyrics of the amazing 90s songs. Take this quiz and check whether you can remember to which 90s songs these lyrics belong to.    

Underrated Movies from the 90s

One of the best things about the 90s is the amazing movies which were produced. However, there are some amazing 90s movies but sadly are underrated. Here’s a few of them.   Swimming with Sharks (1994)   A young, naive Hollywood studio assistant finally turns the tables on his incredibly abusive producer boss. Stars – Kevin […]

How Well Do You Remember Pulp Fiction?

If you think that the best thing which happened in 1994 is Pulp Fiction, you should know everything that is there to know about the movie. Take this quiz and check whether you actually know the movie you love.    

Celebs At Prom

Before they became A-listed celebrities who wear only designer clothing, they used to be teens who had their own sense of fashion. Here’s a collection of pictures of celebrities at their high school prom.   Ellen DeGeneres   George Clooney   Jennifer Aniston   Barack Obama   Michelle Obama   Brad Pitt   Angelina Jolie […]

Behind The Scenes from ’90s Movies

Did you ever wish you knew what happened behind the scenes of your favourite movies? Here’s a collection of awesome behind the scenes from your favorite ’90s movies. Anthony Hopkins with the director of Silence of the Lambs Jonathan Demme   Arnold Schwarzenegger eating on the set of Total Recall   Christian Bale Preparing for […]

Behind The Scenes from ’90s Movies

Did you ever wish you knew what happened behind the scenes of your favourite movies? Here’s a collection of awesome behind the scenes from your favorite ’90s movies. Anthony Hopkins with the director of Silence of the Lambs Jonathan Demme   Arnold Schwarzenegger eating on the set of Total Recall   Christian Bale Preparing for […]

Hilarious Yearbook Photos From The 80s & 90s

Do you have an extremely embarrassing photo that was taken years ago but still makes you want to crawl under your bed? If you do, we have some good news because we are sure that your photo is not as hilarious as any of these yearbook photos from the 80s and 90s. It’s time to […]

Can You Finish The Lyrics To These 90’s Songs?

We know that you are in love with the 90s. But, do you love the 90s well enough to finish the lyrics of some famous songs? Take this quiz and find out. Don’t forget to share your results with us. 🙂  

Game Of Thrones Cast Then And Now

Game of Thrones is without a doubt one of the best TV series ever produced. Did you ever wonder how the GOT cast looked like before they landed in Westeros? Here’s a few of their now and then photos. Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister     Sean Bean as Ned Stark   Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell […]

What Is Your 90’s Theme Song?

We all love finding that song which tells our story; who we are and what we like. If you ever wanted to know which song  from the 90s is your theme song, this quiz is your jackpot. Don’t forget to share your results with us.  

Iranian Footballer Suspended for Wearing SpongeBob Trousers

Would you believe that your love for a cartoon could suspend you from working? Well, if you live in Iran, that could happen to you. The morality committee of Iran’s football federation imposed a six month ban on Sosha Makani (a professional football player) over a photo of him wearing yellow trousers which was described […]

How Well Do You Remember The Shawshank Redemption?

If someone asks what the best 90s movie which portray friendship and hope is, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. Take this quiz to check how well you remember this iconic movie.

90s Hunks Who Have Aged Gracefully

Do you remember the hunks who embraced the front covers and tv screens in the 90s? Not everyone can stick to the looks of their younger days but these men certainly have. Check these pictures from the 90s and now and decide whether they have.  George Clooney   Will Smith     Brad Pitt   […]

Offbeat Holidays In June From Around The World

A look at the 2016 June calendar definitely leaves you with a broken heart as there are no holidays. So, why don’t you take a look at these offbeat holidays that are celebrated in different parts of the world and try to cheer up?   June 2 – Yell ‘Fudge!’ at Cobras in North America […]

7 Easy Green Tips

As the World Environment Day approaches all of us remember that we have to go green. But, eventually we forget our duty to mother nature. Here are some tips on how you can contribute to keep the world green. 1. Carpool It’s very easy. Just talk to your neighbours or your colleagues and travel together. […]

The Ultimate 90s Trivia Quiz!

We all know that a lot happened in the 90s. From music to movies to TV shows, everything was simply mindblowing. Take this quiz to check how well you remember the 90s.  

How To Tell Your Mom That You Are Okay

Though some of us at times want to just stop everything and travel the world, very few would actually do it. If you ever decide to do that, who’s going to worry the most about your whereabouts? Your MOM! Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez had to face the same problem when he decided to quit his job and […]

Songs From The 90s For A Broken Heart

It’s not a surprise if the second you hear the words ‘breakup song’ you remember Taylor Swift. But, nothing could replace the classics of the 90s which helped us heal our broken hearts. Here’s a few of them.   Toni Braxton – Un-Break My Heart   Natalie Imbruglia – Torn   Backstreet Boys – Don’t […]

Which Forgotten 90s Couple Are You And Your Soulmate?

Remember when Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley or Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman or Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford used to be your favourite celebrity couple? We’ve almost forgotten how adorable they used to be. Take our quiz to find out which forgotten 90s couple you and your soulmate are.

Eat In Front of A Webcam To Make Money

If you are a foodie and love commenting on the delicacy of the beauties on your plate, there is a chance for you to earn thousands of dollars monthly; only if you are willing to move to South Korea. An internet craze called ‘Mukbang‘ allows South Koreans who don’t mind gulping food in front of an […]

When Accidental Art Puts The Artist In You To Shame

Did you ever by mistake create a piece of art and it turned out to be a masterpiece? In case you’ve not been that lucky, be inspired by the following ‘accidental art’ to recognize the true beauty in yours, the next time you come across one. The pooch who wanted to be a rainbow    […]

Best Dressed At Billboard Music Awards 2016

We all know that award ceremonies are no longer only about the best artist, actor, actress etc. but also about who wore what best. Here’s some of the best dressed at Billboard Music Awards 2016.   Ariana Grande   Ciara   Demi Lovato   Fifth Harmony   Indina Menzel   Jessica Alba   Kate Beckinsale   […]

Ice Cream As Hangover Cure?

Did you ever wish after a big night out that you didn’t drink so much? Or that someone creates a hangover cure which actually works? Well, some wishes do come true. A convenience store chain in South Korea has introduced a hangover curing ice cream bar named ‘Gyeondyo-bar’ which translates as ‘hang in there’.  Gyeondyo-bar contains grapefruit […]

What If The X-Men Had Sinhalese Names?

So we decided to ask as many people as possible what certain members of the X-Men would be called in Sinhala. Their comments were absolutely hilarious! Check it out below by clicking the comments button beneath each image.      

Character Guide To X-Men: Apocalypse

Since the last movie was released some time back, in order to refresh your memories, from their superpowers to their real names, this is all you need to know about the ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ characters.  

Iran Accuses Kim Kardashian of Being A Secret Agent

She is loved. She is hated. But, who thought that Kim K would be accused of being a secret agent? The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp; an agency tasked with policing domestic culture and heading off the influence of other nations, is accusing Kim Kardashian for working for Instagram in a conspiracy to influence young people and women […]

Which Backstreet Boy Are You?

Back in the 90s every boy wanted to be one of them and every girl wanted to marry one of them. Why don’t you take this quiz to find out which Backstreet Boy your personality rates you as?  

The Greatest Movies of The 90s

The 90s produced some of the best movies without a doubt. Here’s just a few of them. 1. Forrest Gump   2. The Matrix   3. Toy Story   4. The Shawshank Redemption   5. Pretty Woman   6. The Lion King    7. Titanic   8. Clueless   9. Pulp Fiction   10. Jurassic Park   11. 10 Things I Hate About […]

Man Swallows $14,000 Diamond at Local Gem Show.

This incident took place sometime back but it’s still worth knowing about. Back in 2012 at Facets Sri Lanka (an annual jewellery show), during an attempt to distract a stall owner, a Chinese man swallowed a 1.5-carat diamond. However, the sharp eyed owner noticed this rather peculiar act and was able to catch the Chinese man […]

Teen Fights Off Armed Robber With An Umbrella!

Remember how we thought fighting off robbers with a samurai sword was badass? Well, there is a teen in London who did the same using nothing but an umbrella. 19 year old George Zelonka who was bound by cable ties at his £5m home managed to snap the ties and attack the burglar with an […]

Hottest Bodies Over 40

1 Jennifer Lopez, 46     2. Cindy Crawford, 50       3. Hugh Jackman, 47       4. Salma Hayek, 49     5. Eva Longoria, 41     6. Daniel Craig, 48     7. Taraji P. Henson, 45     8. Jenny McCarthy, 43     9. Sofía Vergara, 43     10. David Beckham, 41    

London Receptionist Sent Home For Not Wearing Heels

If you are someone who loves wearing flats, well this is not going to be pleasant for you. Nicola Thorp’s first day at office; finance company PwC, turned out to be quite unpleasant as she was asked to return wearing a 2-4 inch heel. Though she had been afraid to raise her voice against the […]

ICC Withdraws Disciplinary Charges Against Kusal Janith Perera

It’s a good day for all Sri Lankans! 😀 Sri Lankan cricket fans were left devastated last December when the ICC imposed a suspension on Kusal Perera following an alleged anti-doping rule violation. Recently, following a suggestion by Perera’s lawyers that the WADA-accredited laboratory in Qatar in which the investigation was carried out might have […]

GOT Pinup Girls

What is better than the Game Of Thrones ladies? GOT pinup girls 😉   And of course, the Lannisters send their regards!   via GIPHY

Tattoos With a Local Flavour

Gone are the days when Maori tattoos were the in thing. Why don’t we add in a little bit of local flavour and make a tattoo what it is supposed to be; meaningful? Here’s some Sri Lankan tattoo inspiration found from all corners of the internet. A photo posted by nirmal ruvinda dias (@tattoonira) on […]

Selfie Mistake Shatters Statue

What would you do if your attempt to take a cool selfie ends up getting you arrested? A man who tried to take a picture with the 126 year old Dom Sebastiao’s statue in Portugal accidentally toppled it. Dom Sebastiao who is known as a tragic figure in Portuguese history ruled between 1557 and 1578. At […]

Which Sri Lankan Driver Are You?

While Driving, it could be either Muthukumarana you are listening to, or your own sweet words aimed at others. Did you ever wonder according to local standards, who your driving skills and behaviour while driving would rate you as? Take our quiz to find out .

From Cemeteries to Police Stations – Unorthodox places to Hangout in Colombo.

If you see a picture of someone taken at one of the cliché hangout spots in Colombo and think ‘What’s the big deal?’, this list is just for you. Let the boring people stick to the boring places. 1. Borella Cemetery It’s in the heart of Colombo and the best thing about it is the fact […]

Lack of Ice Cream Leads to Marriage Cancellation

What’s the most important thing on a wedding day? The decor and beauty of the wedding? Nope. The love shared between the bride and groom? Nope. The happiness both families feel as they celebrate their union? Nope. Ice Cream and plenty of it? Ding ding ding! YES! A wedding was called off in Mathura, India after the […]

Drop The Gun & Pick A Sword

Did you ever think that modern equipment could always outdo the traditional ones? When it comes to weapons, it could be a big NO! When four armed burglars decided to rob a house in Argentina, they must have never thought that a Samurai sword would end them up in the ICU. Dias Costa (house owner) […]

How Well Do You Know Pretty Woman?

Vivian and Edward…. Wasn’t that the iconic dream couple of the early 90s? Take this quiz and check how well you know Pretty Woman!  

When was ‘Finger Lickin’ This ‘Good’?

What wouldn’t a company do to promote its brands and remind its customers how good it is? KFC is taking promotional campaigns to a new level with its introduction of edible nail polish in Hong Kong. According to engadet.com : Teaming up with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather and food experts at McCormick, two shades were […]

Name That 90’s Movie!

From Home Alone in ’90 to The Matrix in ’99, the 90’s have produced some of the best movies in history. Take this quiz and test how well you know some of these iconic movies.  

How Well Do You Know The Spice Girls?

The first thing that comes to your mind when someone says ‘Girl Band’ is The Spice Girls. Take this quiz and find out how well you know them.  

$30,000 for a Burial!

What would you feel if someone spends $30,000 for your funeral? Such a committal was held recently but it was not for a human. The carcass of a 60,000 pound and 40-foot long gray whale was floating for days at California’s popular Lower Trestles surf spot until the state decided to chop and bury it. Dead […]

13 of the Best Dressed at Met Gala 2016

The Met Gala which is held annually to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in NYC was held on the 2nd of May. All our favourite celebrities attended the event and did justice to this year’s theme ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology’. Here’s just some of them. […]