How Well Do You Know the 20th Century?

From cars to jazz to movies to fashion. It all happened in the 20th century. Why don’t you take this quiz and check how well you know when some of its iconic moments happened?  

Herpes to Control Carp Population!

There are different methods to get rid of pests but introducing a strain of herpes to their habitats is certainly a new way. The European carp which has become a massive threat to the river system of Australia causes damages which cost the economy around $500 million annually and with the hope of preventing this […]

The Mount Lavinia Beach Cleanup

RED 107.8, along with its sister stations Tamil FM and Sitha FM, supported a beach cleanup initiative at Mount Lavinia, on the 30th of April 2016. Here are the organizers speaking about the highly successful event.     Several notable business personalities attended the event as well. Here’s Otara Gunewardene speaking about the pollution problem […]

Which ’90s Cult Film Would You Have Starred In

Don’t you miss the cult classics of the ’90s? Take this quiz and let us know which cult classic film you’d have starred in (if only you were as talented as you think you are).  

Man Suspected of Serial Butt-Slapping

Only holding on to your purse while walking down the street? Well, you better start holding on to your butts too! A man in New York was recently charged with chasing a woman down a street and grabbing her butt. Amongst several other angry women, he was also charged for grabbing the tender behind of an […]

Are You An Adult?

Well, we know you know your age, but are you REALLY an adult?  

Which ’90s Music Babe Are You?

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too much music

Too Much Music Led to Vandalization

Of all the excuses we’ve heard in our time, this has got to be our favourite. A Florida man accused of vandalizing a home said he was compelled to do it because he listened to too much music. Apparently, the excess music made him feel like “going out and destroying stuff.” According to Largo […]

Man Assaulted For Looking Like Shia LaBeouf

Some people just want to watch the world burn. And as it turns out, some people just want to hit other people who look like Shia LaBeouf, for no other apparent reason whatsoever. A New York man was recently sucker-punched by another man in the subway for looking like Shia LaBeouf. The assaulter, who appeared to be […]

Can You Get Through This Without Feeling Nostalgic?

Okay, so the ’90s were perhaps the best decade in human history (this is a huge exaggeration, we know, but this is how we feel). Can you get through all these ’90s images without feeling nostalgic? We certainly can’t.      

Do You Remember All the Lyrics to YMCA By The Village People?

If you do, you’re a true ’80s kid.  

Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon’s Best Lip Sync by far.

There are no two better lip syncers than Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon, and that’s a fact. Check out their ingenious lip sync conversation below.  

Man Discovers Heartbreaking Message In a Bottle

A Florida man, residing by the sea, recently discovered a message in a bottle. Upon opening it, he discovered this heartbreaking message one fifth grader wrote to his dead best friend. The note reads: Dear Daniel, I’m really sorry that you pass away and if you were alive Me and you will be playing football, […]

Running the Wrong Race

12 Year Old Runs Half Marathon By Mistake

This is a mistake most of us are pretty sure we’d never make in our lives. I mean, who runs for a very, very long time by mistake!? A 12 year old girl in New York accidentally ran an entire half marathon after entering the wrong road race. She meant to run a 5 km race but […]

Lawyer EATS Evidence to Clear Client

  “Will you do anything to defend me, Vlad?” “I will do anything to defend you, Susan.” “Care for dinner then?” “No, I’m heading home. You?” “Oh, I’m just gonna stop by the evidence room first.” A Russian lawyer faces a steep fine and jail time for eating a piece of evidence that incriminated his client. […]

90s Characters Quiz

Can You Recognize These Iconic ’90s Characters By Their Names?

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Entire Police Department Quits at Once

Now who’s going to break up domestic disputes between men and their parrots!? The election of a new mayor and the resignation of the police marshal that followed, prompted the voluntary departure of the rest of the police officers, and has left a US town without a police force. According to The Independent: Residents were apparently offered no […]

Police Break Up Fight Between Parrot and Man

Clearly inspired by motivational YouTube videos that persuade you to speak your mind, this man really laid it into his parrot. Police in Ontario, Canada recently broke up a ‘domestic dispute’ between a drunk man and his pet parrot after they entered his home to find him yelling at his parrot and the parrot yelling at him […]

Can You Recognize These 50 Iconic Album Covers?

If you manage to score more than 40 on this, you’re a real music connoisseur!  

One Hospitalized After Clash Over WhatsApp Group Name

People make too many WhatsApp groups for way too many reasons these days. And then you get those smart alecks who decide to change the name of the group for fun and divert the conversation off-topic which ends up confusing everyone, so no one knows what the group is about anymore (especially those who don’t check […]

Do You Still Think Like a Child?

Apparently this little trick can’t trick children, but it can be very confusing for adults. So do you still think like a child or are you a boring old adult?  

Which Game of Thrones character are you?

Game of Thrones Season 6 has just begun! Which GOT character are you? Take the quiz below.  

The Chinese Know How to Make Space Babies

Planetary colonization is going to be the hottest topic of the coming decade. But procreating in space is an entirely different issue. But after a 12-day experiment in space, the Chinese claim to have solved the problem. According to ARS Technica: On April 6, the SJ-10 spacecraft launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu […]

Couple Discovers $70,000 Whale Vomit

A couple who stumbled upon a strange rock during their romantic walk along the beach, discovered that the rock was actually whale vomit and could fetch approximately $70,000.   Couple stunned after stumbling across chunk of WHALE VOMIT on beach – and it could be worth £50,000 — Heather (@itsrealH) April 13, 2016   According […]

Utterly Weird Realistic Cakes

Katherine Dey makes hyper-realistic cakes as a hobby. We dare you to go through this list without cringing or flinching. Can you imagine eating one of these? They’re probably delicious but…you know what I mean.


Celebrating Prince

Prince was a musical genius. From Funk to Pop to Rock and Roll, he could do it all. Here are a some of his greatest hits. Purple Rain I Wanna Be Your Lover The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Do Me, Baby Starfish And Coffee If I Was Your Girlfriend

90s Movies Quiz

Can You Name All 20 Of These ’90s Movies From A Single Image?

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Overdue Books Gets Couple Arrested

Thought those overdue library books weren’t going to get you into trouble? Think again. A couple in Tecumseh, USA were recently arrested for failing to return their books despite four reminders from the library. According to the Tecumseh Herald: In December 2015, the Durens received a fourth letter from the TDL asking them to return the […]

Construction Firm Rivalry Leads to Bulldozer Battle

In a show of medieval chivalry, two rival construction firms charged each other on the battlefield to win the hand of a fair lady named ‘Business’. And they did it in style, with bulldozers as their trusty steeds. According to The Guardian: An argument between construction workers escalated into a demolition derby-style clash of heavy machinery that […]

Russia Wants to Make the Corgi a Police Dog

When you hear ‘police dog’, you generally tend to think of German Shepards. Not Russians. When they hear ‘police dog’, they think of cute, fluffy Welsh Corgis. According to Fox News: Russian police are hoping to turn Welsh corgis – the preferred breed of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth – into bomb-sniffing hounds that can squeeze into […]

The Flyboard Is Here!

Imagine surfing through the air. That’s exactly what Franky Zapata’s invention feels like. Check out the video below.  

Potato Chip Saves Woman’s Life

We don’t need Batman or Superman or Iron Man to save our life. This is the 21st century, and we’ve got all the potato chips we need. A woman in the US recently found out she has a throat cancer after the ridge of a potato chip poked her in her throat causing excruciating pain and prompting […]

The Japanese Are Comparing Babies to Bread

Can you spot the difference between the baby and the baby-arm shaped Japanese bread?

Amazon Logo

Why Amazon’s Customer Service is Awesome

I don’t think any company can beat the amazing service this one witty customer received.

Woman Diagnosed as Allergic to Her Ownself

We’ve always felt terrible for people who are allergic to chocolate, since they will never get to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures. But this is a whole different ball game altogether. A woman suffering from a rare hypersensitive skin condition is allergic to her own sweat and tears. According to ABC7 Chicago: The 28-year-old Clearwater, […]

Bug-Spray Causes Explosion, But Bugs Survive

Clearly the bugs had the last laugh. An apartment in New Jersey, infested with roaches, exploded after an occupant used bug-spray. According to NBC Chicago: The explosion happened Wednesday night after an occupant was spraying insecticide, got a headache and opened a window, Asbury Park Fire Department spokesman Garrett Giberson told the Asbury Park Press. Oxygen […]

Micheal Buble Doesn’t Know How to Eat Corn

Ladies and gentlemen, this here’s a man who’s a millionaire, a celebrated artist and all-round sex symbol. And this is how he eats corn. Buble recently commented about the picture going viral on the internet and of people making fun of him. He posted this powerful message on Facebook: “This is vegetable harassment !!! What […]

Naked Burglar Breaks In to Do Laundry

Well, where else was he supposed to go? A naked burglar in Georgia, USA was arrested, after he broke into a house to do his laundry, shower and use the owner’s Wi-Fi. According to Watkins says Lemming was still inside the home when deputies arrived. Deputies say Lemming claimed to have once lived in […]

Hair Dryer Venezuela

Venezuelan President Asks Women To Stop Using Hairdryers to Save Electricity

Do hairdryers really use that much electricity? Do Venezuelan women really use their hairdryers so much, it becomes a national energy issue? According to The Independent: The President of Venezuela has urged women to stop using hairdryers and offered alternative styling tips as the country’s energy crisis continues. Recommending that women reduce hairdryer use to “special […]

Actively Farting

‘Fart Detector’ Wins Physics Prize in China

Finally! You can now accurately detect who really farted in the elevator. And no longer can your sneaky best friend fart near you and then tell everyone else you did it. A popular Chinese science publication has awarded its coveted Physics prize to the inventor of a device capable of detecting the source of any odour. […]

Man Jailed After Tagging Himself in Riot Photos on Facebook

  What an absolute idiot. A man who took part in a riot and then tagged himself on Facebook photos of said riot, has been jailed. According to The Independent: Robert Darragh, 21, from the Shankill area of Belfast, took part in a riot during a clash between nationalists and unionists during the Loyalist marching season in Northern Ireland […]

Suicide Squad Trailer

The New Suicide Squad Trailer Is Out!

We can’t wait for August. The new Suicide Squad trailer is out. We see a lot more of the joker this and a lot, lot more of Margot Robbie’s character – Harley Quinn. Check it out below.  

2016 Sinhala & Tamil New Year Auspicious Times


Avicii Discusses His Fame, Illness and Retirement at 26

“I’m happier, more stress-free than I’ve been in a long time,” the Swedish DJ tells THR about his surprise decision to quit live performing at the end of his current, worldwide tour. Avicii looks tired. Tired, but happy. The Swedish electronic dance music superstar is en route from Bahrain, where he was the headline act […]

Global Pencil Shortage Due To Adult Colouring Book Popularity

Since when did this become a thing? Many global pencil manufacturers are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand for crayons and colouring pencils, due to an increase in the number of adults purchasing colouring books. According to The Independent: The world’s biggest wooden pencil manufacturer, Faber-Castell, say they are experiencing “double-digit growth” in […]

Maldives Press Freedom

Maldivian Press Arrested at Press Freedom Rally

This is the definition of irony. Police in Maldives pepper-sprayed reporters and arrested 16 members of the press during their peaceful demonstration against a crackdown on freedom of speech. According to AlJazeera: Police on Sunday used pepper spray and roughed up reporters who were staging a sit-in protest outside President Abdulla Yameen’s office in the […]

Swan Brings Traffic To A Standstill

Talk about not giving a damn. A swan recently brought Manchester traffic to a standstill after it refused to budge from its position on the road. According to The daily drive to work became a painful crawl for commuters on Great Ancoats Street, as traffic had to slow down to accommodate the happy flapper, who […]

A4 Waist Challenge: Our Opinion

Jude and Big Ralph from Trending Red on RED 107.8 share their opinion on the A4 Waist Challenge, exaggerated beauty standards, and how you’re absolutely beautiful just the way you are. Watch the video below.   The A4 Waist Challenge – Our Opinion – RED 107.8 Jude and Big Ralph from Trending Red on RED 107.8 […]

US City May Ban Dancing

This is beginning to sound a little bit like a movie we once watched. The Council on Culture in a city named Williston in North Dakota is attempting to ban all forms of dancing in establishments and homes that aren’t in an industrial zone. According to The Williston Herald: If the commission passes the proposal, which […]

Utah Bomb Squad Investigates Bomb, Discovers Sex Toy

Well at least they got something to do. The bomb squad in Utah county was called last week to investigate a possible explosive device, but it turned out to be a homemade sex toy. According to Fox13Now: Police weren’t sure what the item was either so they called the Utah County bomb squad. “It was […]