Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow Likes Getting Stung By Bees

All for the sake of beauty of course. Gwyneth recently admitted that she voluntarily gets stung by bees as part of an ancient beauty treatment called apitherapy, that apparently reduces inflammation and scarring. According to The Oscar-winning actress, who is describes herself as being “incredibly close to the common woman” has admitted to being stung […]

Man Escapes Death, Only To Be Hit By A Passing Bus

Talk about double-ended bad luck. A man who escaped from his vehicle dangling on the edge of a cliff (after losing control of it on the road) managed to escape his death only to be hit by a passing tour bus. According to The Independent: On Saturday afternoon, the motorist lost control of his vehicle while driving […]

Jennifer Lawrence Basketball

More Jennifer Lawrence Photoshops!

We know you loved our last segment. So here’s more! JLaw leaving the clothes out to dry   JLaw getting into the traditional Sri Lankan groove   No JLaw! Don’t join those silly protests!   Jennifer’s finding it tough to balance on one of our buses

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift to Receive Taylor Swift Award

We all know award ceremonies are shams. Just highly paid publicity stunts meant to improve album sales and gain some fame. Taylor Swift is to be awarded by Broadcast Music Inc., with the first-ever…yup…Taylor Swift Award. According to This is the second time BMI has designated an award named after an artist. The first […]

Backstreet Boys Reuniting

The Backstreet Boys are Reuniting!

Backstreets Back, ALL RIGHT! Yup, you read that right. The Backstreet Boys have decided to get back together again. According to Elite Daily: On Friday, former teen heartthrob Nick Carter confirmed the Backstreet Boys are reuniting, nearly 20 years after the release of their first record. Can you hear the shrieks of the excited teenage girls? […]

Man Poses in Underwear for Wife, Lands Modelling Gig

It’s not about the body anymore you know, it’s all about the pizzazz. A man who created a fake underwear advertisement as a private birthday gift for his wife has landed a modelling gig after the advert was shared online. According to the Vancover Sun: The man from Langford, B.C., has gained international exposure after […]

5 Times People REALLY Felt the Music

Ever had a moment when everything around you melted away and all you could hear was the music and all you could feel were the moves running through your body? Well, these people sure did. This kid is totally feeling the hymn   View post on   Music saved this man’s life   View […]

China Bans April Fools Day

April Fools Day Banned in China

Just when we thought April Fools’ Day couldn’t get any more absurd, China decides to ban it. According to them, it’s not consistent with their culture and socialist values. However some of their netizens thought otherwise. According to The Washington Post: “’April Fools’ Day’ is not consistent with our cultural tradition, or socialist core values,” […]

Smell Dating

There’s a New Dating Service – Smell Dating

Step aside “love at first sight”, you’re no longer needed. It’s all about “love at first stink”. A pair of New York artists have created a dating service that aims to match people with their perfect mate based on body odor. It calls itself “the first mail odor dating service”. According to The Independent: Singletons interested in […]

Meet Cartoon Donald Trump

Donald Trump is pretty much a cartoon character anyway, so it was high time someone turned him into a real cartoon. And that’s what Stephen Colbert did. He recently sat down with a cartoon version of the notorious US Republican candidate to ask him about his recent Twitter feuds and his campaign manager. Check out […]

Indonesian Mayor Thinks Canned Food and Instant Noodles ‘Make Babies Gay’

We’re pretty sure that’s not how it works Mr. Mayor. A mayor in Indonesia has been widely criticized for his statement that canned food and instant noodles are responsible for babies being born gay. According to As reported by Indonesian website Okenzone, Wismansyah said: “To create Indonesian children that are healthy smart and competitive, […]

Passenger Gets Violent When Told He Can’t Do Yoga

Isn’t Yoga supposed to calm you down and make you a better, more peaceful person? Well, we don’t think this man got the message. A South Korean passenger doing Yoga and meditating at the back of a plane, turned violent when he was asked to return to his seat instead. According to Pae told […]

Tesla Unveils the Model 3

Today, Tesla unveiled the Model 3 – the company’s ‘mass market’ vehicle. It’s done away with the front grill and looks as sleek and desirable as any other Tesla car. According to The hardware for Tesla’s Autopilot — what the company calls its cars’ semi-autonomous mode that can handle acceleration and lane changes in highway […]

Revenge Fart Argument

Woman Reports Man to Police for ‘Revenge Fart’

People can do some strange things eh? A woman recently reported a man to the police for ‘revenge farting’ on her after she refused to have some night-time delight with him. According to She reported the incident to the local police saying that his “revenge fart” disturbed her peace of mind. According to the […]

Jennifer Lawrence Basketball

Jennifer Lawrence’s Awesome Basketball Pose

It’s a pretty hilarious click. So we decided to have a spot of fun with her pose. Jennifer Loves Choon Paan No Jennifer! That’s not for you. Leave that alone! Oh Jennifer, you shouldn’t get too close to the elephants.

Taking a Selfie with a Hijacker

Bravery is just the right mix of stupidity and daring. A few days ago an EgyptAir flight was hijacked because apparently the hijacker had to pass on a message to his ex-wife (wasn’t his e-mail working?). During the hijack, Ben Innes decided to approach the hijacker and ask for a photo. Which he happily complied to […]

Man Buys iPhone 6S Online, Gets Pancake in a Box

Here’s a cautionary tale about buying things online – if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true. For instance, if you find an incredible $100 deal on a 3D curved television set, it’s probably made of Lego. If you can get a high-performance state-of-the-art notebook for just $200, it’s probably just […]

Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke

Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke

Jenny from the Block unites with James Corden for carpool karaoke. Watch them sing some of JLo’s most iconic songs.  

Puking Rainbows

This Will Definitely Have Rainbows Shooting Out Of Your Mouth

It’s time for some darn adorable gifs! We challenge you to go through this entire list without going ‘aww’ at least once. It’s a bowl of goats!   <a rel="noreferrer nofollow" target="_blank" href=""></a>   You? You lookin’ at me?   It’s a dog’s paradise!   View post on   What a great […]

David Letterman Before

David Letterman’s Got A New Look

David Letterman, retired star of a late night television talk show, seems to be having absolute fun and enjoying every minute of his retirement. He’s gone from this:     To this:     Oh how we all wish we could be a happy and rich Santa Clause jogging along a dirt path while listening […]

Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg Has a Nature Show

Have you ever, in your entire life, once loved both the Discovery Channel and Snoop Dogg? Well, this one’s for you then. Snoop Dogg’s got a new show and it’s all on him and his witty commentary on nature. According to CNN: The dream began when his “Plizzanet Earth” videos went viral. Jimmy Kimmel featured the “Planet […]

Red's Ridiculous

RED’s Ridiculous – Edition 8

Welcome to the eighth edition of RED’s Ridiculous, where we at RED 107.8 search for, select and showcase some of the most ridiculous news from around the world. Woman Attempted Swimming After Cruise Liner in the Freezing Atlantic To Catch Her Husband Never underestimate the power of a woman. A British woman on holiday jumped into […]

5 of the Most Incredible Sudden Jam Sessions

There’s no denying that music can be a unifying force. It’s always amazing to see musicians come together as strangers and improvise in a beautiful jam session. Here are 5 of our favourite spontaneous jam sessions (some of which even went viral). 1) Three random guys sing their hearts out, outside a supermarket     2) […]

10 Absolutely Hilarious Fails on the News

The world of news isn’t as spick and span as we think it is. They don’t just report serious stuff all the time either. They make mistakes and report crazy stuff too. And when they do, it can sometimes be downright slap-on-the-knee hilarious. I mean, just check these out. 1) When a magazine predicted what […]

Elephant Butt Coffee

The Most Expensive Coffee Is From An Elephants Butt

Yup, you heard that right. The most expensive coffee is the world is produced from an elephant’s butt.   via GIPHY   Black Ivory Coffee is made by passing coffee beans through an elephants stomach and then picking these ‘processed’ coffee beans from its…poop. According to NPR: “They eat a lot of grass and a […]

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks: Private Sock Investigator

Looks like Tom Hanks is on a mission. He’s made it his purpose in life to reunite people with their missing items. He’s a Celebrity Lost and Found Investigator. Just look at this.   Who loses a sock? I mean, how do you drop a sock? Hanx — Tom Hanks (@tomhanks) March 16, 2016   […]

Why You Don’t Ask The Internet To Name a Boat

If you’re ever going to ask the internet something, especially those mischievous internet trolls waiting to jump at you with their quick wit and fast fingers, you better be prepared for the worst. The National Environment Research Council in the UK recently asked the internet, via a poll, to name its $300 million Antarctic Survey Vessel. […]

Drink Beers, Travel the World, and Get Paid!?

Now you can turn your Friday nights into a fully-fledged job! A restaurant and bar in Florida is seeking “Beer Interns” to travel the world, visit breweries, attend beer festivals and sample their beer and food – for four months! And you’ll be paid $12,000! According to The interns, who would each be paid […]

Red's Ridiculous

RED’s Ridiculous – Edition 7

Welcome to the seventh edition of RED’s Ridiculous, where we at RED 107.8 search for, select and showcase some of the most ridiculous news from around the world. Cat Steals Over 130 Items of Underwear We’ve heard of cat burglars but this is ridiculous (duh, that’s why it’s called Red’s Ridiculous)! A cat in New Zealand, with […]

The Red Second - Animal Gifs

The RED Second – Animal GIFs – Part Four

We’re back with more incredibly adorable and funny animal gifs! Check these out. Yeah I’ve got a cool t-shirt and a sweet ride   View post on   Aww! Who knew hedgehogs could get so small!?   View post on   Come here you, come and cuddle with mommy   View post on […]

Apparently Social Media is the Best Birth Control

We’re sure the same thing happened when the Television became a mass market consumer electronic device. Researchers in New Zealand have found that teenage pregnancies in the country have almost halved since 2007. And that happens to be the year that social media began ‘the thing’ across the world. According to A leading paediatrics expert, […]

The Red Second - Animal Gifs

The RED Second – Animal GIFs – Part Three

We’ve got some more funny and adorable Animal GIFs for you today! 1) Peanut butter can make you go craaaazzy!   via GIPHY   2) Excuse me miss. May I be petted?   via GIPHY   3) No kitty. You need more practice.   via GIPHY   4) Alright alright, I’ll walk in these dumb […]

Crushing Things With a Hydraulic Press

Who knew it would be so fun to crush everyday objects with a hydraulic press!? The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube has been trending for the past couple of weeks for this very reason. Check out some of their cool videos! 1) Crushing a Hockey Puck with a Hydraulic Press     2) Crushing Bubble Wrap with […]

Kanye West

Who Does Kanye Love More Than Anyone Else In The World?

Himself. That’s right. And artist Scott Marsh created a massive mural of Kanye kissing himself. Of course this happens to be a lovely recreation of this photoshop below. Great work everybody! Now this…this is magnificent art.

10 Embarrassing Celebrity Fails

Celebrities are humans too. They slip up from time to time. Here are 10 of the most embarrassing celebrity fails. 1) The time Vanessa Hudgens forget to remove her price tag 2) Robin Thicke grabbing a woman’s ass and forgetting about the mirror behind him 3) Madonna couldn’t handle the magnificent cape she was wearing via […]

Red's Ridiculous

RED’s Ridiculous – Edition 6

Welcome to the sixth edition of RED’s Ridiculous, where we at RED 107.8 search for, select and showcase some of the most ridiculous news from around the world. Man Caught Smuggling 40 Turtles in His Trousers Does he have something in his pants or is he just happy to see the police? A Canadian man caught […]

Tap Water Bars

A New Bar…For Water?

Teetotalers finally have a place to hang out! Two artists in Minneapolis, USA plan on opening up tap water bars. Literally bars that serve nothing other than tap water. According to Colin Kloecker and Shanai Matteson are preparing to open a storefront Water Bar in northeast Minneapolis — a taproom serving city water plus limited-edition […]

Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Tags Wrong Location, Makes Romanian Village Famous

A tiny village in Romania shot to popularity after Snoop Dogg accidentally tagged it on an Instagram post. The rap-and-weed legend meant to tag Bogota, Colombia, but instead accidentally tagged Bogata, Romania.     According to But Snoop’s mistake has been a boon to Romania’s Bogata, whose previous international profile was rather small. Within […]

Pimp My Ride

Stop Asking XZIBIT to Pimp Your Ride

XZIBIT, star of Pimp My Ride (and oh he’s a rapper too) is frankly sick of people asking him to pimp his ride. Alejandra, a Twitter user, who was probably sick of her sorry-a** car made a plea to Xzibit to pimp her ride. @xzibit can you pimp my ride????????????? — Alejandra (@Alejandra_OVOXO) March 19, 2016 […]

Papaw Burger Chef

What’s This About Papaw?

On the 17th of March, Kelsey Harmon tweeted a picture of her grandfather eating a burger. And the rest is history.   dinner with papaw tonight…❤️ he made 12 burgers for all 6 grandkids and I’m the only one who showed. ???? love him — kelsey (@kelssseyharmon) March 17, 2016 Kelsey’s tweet went viral. […]

Bicentinnel Man

The Future is Now – Sophia the Robot is Here!

Remember the Atlas robot created by Boston Dynamics that could carry objects, open doors, walk around on uneven terrain and prop itself back up after falling down?     The Atlas robot was an alarming reminder that someday machines may completely replace laborious jobs, and in turn lead to the redundancy of many. Hanson Robotics […]

Red's Ridiculous

RED’s Ridiculous – Edition Five

Welcome to the fifth edition of RED’s Ridiculous, where we at RED 107.8 search for, select and showcase some of the most ridiculous news from around the world. Museum Devoted to Poop to Open Soon You can turn your dreams into reality, even if all you dream about is poop. The Isle of Wight Zoo in the […]

Google Maps

10 Crazy Things You’ll Find on Google Maps

Google Maps is rife with creepy, funny, and just downright crazy images. Here are 10 of our favourites. 1) These creepy bird people 2) The Stig chilling on the side of some random street 3) The face of a broken statue 4) This man taking his pet penguin for a ride 5) The attack of the birds […]

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani Gets Her Baby Son to Promote Her Album

Gwen Stefani celebrated the release of her new album by having her baby son ask all of her Twitter followers to purchase the album. Watch the cute video below.   #ThisIsWhatTheTruthFeelsLike gx — Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) March 18, 2016   Turns out, it worked! Her album is currently No.1 on the charts.   @gwenstefani trending […]

Red's Ridiculous

RED’s Ridiculous – Edition Four

Welcome to the fourth edition of RED’s Ridiculous, where we at RED 107.8 search for, select and showcase some of the most ridiculous news from around the world. Dog Eats Polar Bear! Well…it was a stuffed polar bear. Sorry to burst your bubble there. In a daring rescue, a vet helped save a dog’s life after extracting […]

The Red Second - Animal Gifs

The RED Second – Animal GIFs – Part Two

You just can’t get enough of funny and cute animal gifs. Mmm…that’s the spot   via GIPHY How could my own legs betray me!?   via GIPHY This bird is gangsta   via GIPHY I believe I can fl…oh wait   via GIPHY Quit looking at me!   via GIPHY

Rap Battles

BEWARE! Rap Battles Ahead!

Whoever knew we’d come to a time when the police would start warning the general populace of men challenging pedestrians to spontaneous rap battles. Sounds too absurd to be real right? Well…you’re wrong. According to CBS Detroit: Charlton police told WCVB-TV that a black SUV containing a group of men in their late teens or early 20s […]

Frank Sinatra Jr.

Frank Sinatra Jr. Dies at 72

Frank Sinatra Jr., only son of the iconic singer Frank Sinatra, died of a cardiac arrest on Wednesday, aged 72. According to the Hollywood Reporter: Sinatra Jr. had been scheduled to perform at the 2,500-seat Peabody Auditorium, but local NBC affiliate WPTZ reported he became ill in the afternoon and was taken to Halifax Health […]

Red's Ridiculous

RED’s Ridiculous – Edition Three

Welcome to the third edition of RED’s Ridiculous, where we at RED 107.8 search for, select and showcase some of the most ridiculous news from around the world. Woman, 36, Accidentally Sent to Juvenile Detention In a bizarre turn of events, a 36 year old woman who assumed the identity of a 17 year old girl was […]

50 Cent Going to Court

Is 50 Cent an Inspiration to Poor Rap Fans!?

50 Cent’s lawyers have argued that 50 Cent needs to appear as rich as possible since many fans of rap are poor and need inspiration. The statement comes after it was revealed that 50 Cent’s Instagram posts are of him flaunting his riches and money, despite having filed for bankruptcy. The attorneys, however, later revealed […]